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Diddly-Dink is My New Favorite Word

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wormsThe funniest thing I heard today came from an actor in the movie How to Eat Fried Worms. I was watching this with my two kids while Andru is at Gnomedex literally all day and night. I will be joining him, kids in tow, at the party they are throwing tonight at the Seattle Aquarium where they have giant octopi that suck your brain out quietly while you are none the wiser, or so Nate says. But till then, I had to try and get the two boys to sit still and not argue for at least an hour. It seems that I enjoyed the movie much more than they did…okay now who couldn’t with a line like this? Uttered from a preschoolers lips to his older brother—“You’re shaking my bike and it’s touching my diddly dink!”

I have never heard that expression before, I think I will start using it in random conversations as it will go down as one of my favorites. No, I’m not 12.


What He Said

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I was reminiscing the other day about Alijah and the cute things he used to do as a baby, then realized that everyday he says something that cracks me up and that I should be writing these things down to look back on with fondness because he is growing so quickly. I thought I would share some of his gems with you…

1. We have two new puppies, a girl and boy, and my 12 year-old is holding the girl and I am holding the boy and he says to me, “Mom, is Zelda a girl?” and I reply “yes, of course” and he says “how can you tell, cause she has one of these like Luigi (pointing to her pee pee as I will refer to it). I reply “yes, she does, but she does not have these” while pointing to Luigi’s scrotum. And he asks “what does he have?” And again, I hold up Luigi and say this time, “she (Zelda), doesn’t have balls…see, Luigi, he has balls>.” To which, Alijah, who I did not know was listening very intently, promptly replies very loudly, “I want balls mama!”

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Those Japanese Pranksters…

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I came across these videos on YouTube while pa-rousing the latest in the “pranks” category. Almost peed my pants, they were so funny. You have to have a looksy and share with anyone having a bad day, they will surely be thankful that we live in the great ol’ U.S. of A. ‘cuz I kid you not,  if we tried to pull off any of these stunts, we would be forced to wear a scarlet “P” across our chests pointing out the sick perversion in our minds, then have to share a cell with someone named Tank because we being U. S. Citizens, would have crossed that fine line between hilarity and a right to privacy. So thank goodness for these Japanese pranksters willing to go to any length for a good ol’ hearty laugh. Have a gander above and two more after the break to get those giggles flowing.

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