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President Bush has some competition when it comes to delivering a speech that is profound, comprehensive, and so beautifully articulated that it makes you wonder if Shakespeare himself had spoken the words. (You will get the Shakespeare reference post video)

This made me realize that even though I may not agree with Bush’s tactics politically, dang he can make me laugh…and Miss Teen South Carolina should have taken the crown hands down! Give her the benefit of the doubt, I think she started to say Osama then realized that she knew nothing about Osama so tried to change course and it just completely threw her off balance because in reality she had a really like, good like, speech cause everywhere, like such as, the Iraq and the Asian countries really like need the U.S. to educate them cause like she is the model of like the perfect student.


SickoI am not, in the least, a person one would describe as politically active or knowledgeable in any way. I try not to be naive about what is going on in our government or our world for that matter but I don’t take pride in the fact that I am not as versed in the world of politics as it pertains to me, as I should or would like to be. That is why I am surprised to find myself so impassioned to write about a subject I never questioned or realized was so defunct.

My husband and I were able to view the documentary by Michael Moore entitled Sicko before it was released in theaters, via the internet. So I have had a few weeks to let the movie’s message brew and I have been able to ascertain how this low-budget documentary could transform our failing healthcare system now that the average American has access to the facts. It is up to each one of us to elect the man or woman who can focus their attention on a system of healthcare that is in such dire straits that even receiving basic care is a joke. It is a poor representation of a nation that calls itself a Superpower.