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Saturday July 1, 2006 6:48 am

My First Blog Entry—And I Don’t Even Know What That Means

Posted by Monica Edwards Categories: Personal

Hi, my name is Monica, mother of two beautiful boys, and wife of Andru, the Mastermind behind Gear Live Media.

I thought about why I finally gave in to my husbands many, many requests of having a blog of my own, (even if I still don’t quite understand the concept of a blog) and I’ve come to the conclusion that it is because though my pride and utmost joy is being the best mother I can be to my sons, and learning everyday how to be a better wife to my husband - I want, no need - my own identity. I believe everyone deeply desires that even if they don’t realize it. Everyone craves a sense of purpose, it is the hole that we try to fill everyday. I don’t think it’s what I DO that defines me as a complete person. It’s what I think, feel, say, how I live, and how my past has affected me as a person today, that defines me, and maybe through this blog, I will discover who I am besides a mother and wife- and what my purpose is.

I am beginning this blog for me, first, because it was a healing outlet for me to express my feelings about something that happened to Andru and I, secondly, as a way to reach out to everyone around me. I believe that God placed us on this Earth to help one another. Whether it be through words, or action. So then, its my hope, that maybe, in my shared thoughts and experiences, I will be able to help define someone else’s life.     



Impressed? Really? I am humbled. You are such an inspiration to me as a blogger and more so, as a mother. Thank you for your support. I will try to keep this thing going smile.

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