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Thursday August 10, 2006 9:16 am

My Baby Outdances Benji From “So You Think You Can Dance”

Posted by Monica Edwards Categories: Alijah, Family, Personal

AlijahI am such a proud mother. Alijah has got the Latino blood flowing through him-he is a dancing machine!! Anytime there is a beat on, his hips start swaying, his arms do their own jig and his face is aglow with joy. You would think that there is a master puppeteer at work, the way his body contorts in all those silly ways, but that is all him. He just loves to dance and he ain’t gonna hide it, no sir. All the while we get to see a spectacular show and realize that this may be one of the great moments in time that we will have on record to blackmail him with when he hits his rebellious teenage years. The magic of video. Catch a glimpse for yourself as he outdances Benji, (my favorite), while watching So You Think You Can Dance. At the end of his dance he jabbers something in his own specific language, let me translate—he says, “That was fun!”

Trust me, you may be blown away by his superior dancing ability.



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