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Saturday January 6, 2007 5:30 pm

MP3 Goes Down the Toilet

Posted by Monica Edwards Categories: Family, Humor, Personal, Tommy

TomI love my son, he cracks me up at the most unexpected times and the other day he had Andru almost rolling on the floor laughing so hard at his 12 year-old antics. He received a new Sansa Mp3 player for Christmas from his father, it wasn’t like the $10 Walkmans he was used to buying or receiving in the past, as he is getting older and becoming more responsible, his father spent a little more money on something a 12 year-old would appreciate. Tom took very good care of it, I have to give him credit, he put it away very nicely in the velvet sleeve it came in once he was through listening to it - so maybe it was worth the cost.

This is where the humor comes in, the other day, he comes upstairs, very upset, carrying his Mp3 in his hand and I ask what was so terribly wrong. He goes on to explain that he had his Mp3 in his sweatshirt pocket as he was going to the bathroom, and when he stood up to flush, it so gracefully plopped into the toilet, scaring him to death as he thought some wild animal had just jumped in. In Napoleon Dynamite fashion he utters loudly “Dang it!” as his very new Mp3 had fallen in a toilet full of poo. His words. I asked him what the heck was he doing with the Mp3 player in his pocket while sitting on the toilet, knowing that it was a recipe for disaster. He replies, ” I wanted to listen to music while I pooed.” OK I guess that was a logical answer…heck if everyone else reads while they poo, why not bop to some tunes? Before any more questions were asked I immediately said, “Get a plastic baggie, put it inside, and STOP HOLDING IT—GROOOSS!”

So then my next question was, “how did you get it out?”, not really wanting to know the answer, my curiosity took hold. He says, “with my hands” to which I say again, ““Gross, go wash your hands, WITH SOAP, for a LONG time” and he says “I already did 5 times, but I will again”. So when he comes out, hands all red, he begins fuming about how the player was broken now because it won’t turn off, theres poo on the screen and worst of all, it SMELLS like poo. All I can think about is how the heck he got the thing out? He tells me that the headphones were sticking out of the toilet a bit, but the Mp3 was in a bowl with poo…under the poo. HAHAHAHA. I almost peed my pants laughing at his misfortune, I’m such a good Mom.

He says he pulled it out, then wiped it down, and to that I say…“what did you use to wipe it with?” thinking what any mother would, ‘he used the towels’ but he said with toilet paper. Sigh of relief. I ask one more question, “why did you stick your hand in there to get it out? ” His 12 year-old logic again, “well I couldn’t just leave it in there!” I was thinking more along the lines of ” you could have used an object to get it out, rather than an appendage connected to your body”, but I think my reasoning was lost on him. I apologized for his misfortune and said that he should call his father to let him know what had happened. Tom phones his Dad, and when he gets off the phone, he moans, “AWWW, now Dad is going to tell everyone” and asks me if I will also spread the news of his poo mishap. I say of course not, who would I tell, except for Andru, and a few hundred other people? My poor baby, his family can’t keep their mouths shut. But who could?

“Babe, one day when you read this, you will know that I, and the rest of us who get a chuckle out of your bad luck, are not laughing at you, but with you.” Everyone drops something of value in a toilet full of poo
in their lifetime right? It just takes a special kind of person to stick their hand in it and retrieve it. Kudos to you babe.



No, Jerrod, he did not get it working again, but thanks to the good ‘ol neighborhood Best Buy, they replaced it and he is back to listening to Wierd Al!

Sorry Travis, it was not Andru who dropped the Mp3 “PLAYER”(as i was corrected by him and my son), it was my son Tommy, if it had been Andru I might have died with laughter.

If I may clarify, Travis - it wasn’t ME who dropped it in the toilet and had to fish it out - it was our son.

Had it been me, I would have just let it go…unless it was a sandwich. In which case, you HAVE to get it out of there.

Hi “Mother” thank you for your comment as I appreciate any feedback as long as it is not vulgar. And in response to you, yes I did change his diapers, as I still do for my 3 year old,
and I looooves the poop, I take the diaper, and put it on my shrine of poop diapers and worship and light candles every 10 minutes. Seriously, I had a great laugh at my son’s expense and wrote this post with humor intended, please relax, enjoy life, and wash your hands after pooing.

Wahaha! nice kidding!

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