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Wednesday August 29, 2007 7:05 pm

Laughed So Hard I Peed A Little

Posted by Monica Edwards Categories: Humor, political

President Bush has some competition when it comes to delivering a speech that is profound, comprehensive, and so beautifully articulated that it makes you wonder if Shakespeare himself had spoken the words. (You will get the Shakespeare reference post video)

This made me realize that even though I may not agree with Bush’s tactics politically, dang he can make me laugh…and Miss Teen South Carolina should have taken the crown hands down! Give her the benefit of the doubt, I think she started to say Osama then realized that she knew nothing about Osama so tried to change course and it just completely threw her off balance because in reality she had a really like, good like, speech cause everywhere, like such as, the Iraq and the Asian countries really like need the U.S. to educate them cause like she is the model of like the perfect student.



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