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Wednesday October 10, 2007 3:19 pm

Giving Back to Schools

Posted by Monica Edwards Categories: Business, Personal


I am all for giving back in anyway we can, especially to our education system because the teachers that work tirelessly to help mold our children into responsible, educated adults should not have to worry about such things as; do they have enough pencils, calculators, books, or any other supplies in order to teach their students successfully? When did our education system get to the point that these things are constant obstacles getting in the way of a teacher doing the job they were hired for? Instead, spending time worrying about who to convince to supply new books for the school library so their kids will be reading things that are relevant to our time now instead of 50 years ago?

My husband Andru has chosen to take part with his company Gear Live, in a drive I guess you could call it, that allows teachers to ask for the supplies they so desperately need, while donors choose which school or supply they would like to donate a set amount of funds to. It is easy to set up if you are a company wanting to take part in giving publicity to this cause and for anyone who wants to donate, it is a simple process that goes a long way in developing our children’s education.

The website is called and I encourage everyone to check it out. I have chosen to give a donation to a kindergarten class to fund a listening center to promote literacy. I believe that it is so important to introduce kids to the joy of reading at a young age, especially in this world of electronic distractions. Learning to love reading at a young age will encourage these kids imaginations to grow and to learn to value the written word. It is a shame to know that many kids graduate reading at an elementary school level and in our rich society, there is no excuse for this to happen.

Please join me in contributing in any way you can, these kids are our future leaders and we want to prepare them in the best possible ways.



Come on people - let’s help the kids smile

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