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Wednesday July 18, 2007 5:40 pm

How Ponzi and I Got (Will Get) Our Groove Back

Posted by Monica Edwards Categories: Humor, Personal

HulaI am excitedly counting down the days till Ponzi and I get to don our grass skirts and leis; sans the coconut boob cups lest we have an unfortunate accident of some kind. We are taking a girls’ mini-vacation together to Hawaii, er, rather Honolulu in mid- August. Ponzi has been crazy busy planning and preparing for Gnomedex to be held the second weekend of August, so after months of hard work, when it is all said and done, she deserves to take off for a few days and veg on the beach allowing the cabana boy to wait on her hand and foot…oh, my bad, that was How Stella Got Her Groove Back.

I am going along because the puppies that Andru decided that we needed as an addition to our family are quickly becoming my mortal enemies; sure they look all innocent and cuddly when just glancing at them but spend an hour with them and they will slowly become your nemeses also. I believe that their bark is 100 times worse than their bite and could be used as a form of torture. So before I become an insane lunatic babbling about devil dogs put on this Earth to render me crazy with their incessant shrill barking, I am hopping a plane with Ponzi to bask in the glow of the warm sun.

Seriously, I love my family, but Mom needs a break. I will come back refreshed and ready to take on the kids and my husband with a better state of mind which will do everyone some good. I will also come back to the spawn of Cujo, talking to them in my sweet baby voice, asking if they missed mommy. I’m a sucker for floppy ears and a wagging tail.



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