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Tuesday January 2, 2007 10:20 am

Define Fruity Pharaohs Please

Posted by Monica Edwards Categories: Family, Humor, Personal, Tommy

Checking my email tonight, I received a request from my son’s 6th Grade teacher for volunteers in assembling a gaggle of Fruity Pharaohs…hmm…what may I ask are Fruity Pharaohs? Maybe I should become more involved in my son’s school curriculum? Following is the email sent to me, for your enjoyment, if nothing for the humor in it, as it put an instant smile on my face.

I need help assembling some Fruity Pharaohs for the students to mummify.  If you have time this Wednesday, please drop by the classroom and I will have the items and directions available.  You may want a pair of working gloves and wire cutters (I will try and find some wire cutters to have on hand) Also, we are still needing shoe boxes for this activity, so if you have any extra boxes, please send them to school.
I know this is short notice, but I am hoping it won’t take long to put together 16 Fruity Pharaohs.
Thanks and I hope you each had a wonderful vacation.

If I did not have to take my youngest son to preschool on Wednesday, then I so would be at the assembling of not one, but 16 Fruity Pharaohs! Someone please define the term for me as all I picture are an assortment of Pharaohs swimming around in a bowl of fruit loops. What do you think?




Pharoahs who love other male Pharoahs. You know. That special kind of love.

Ahhh, that’s what a fruity pharaoh is…sheesh, where was MY mind? Thank you Carl for the clarification smile

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