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Thursday July 20, 2006 8:24 pm

Countdown To Blogher

Posted by Monica Edwards Categories: Business

Eight days to go before I head off to the Golden State for my very first showing at the Blogher Conference. I am nervous about it, I have no idea what to expect. And I had never flown by myself in all of my 35 years, can you believe it? That is why I convinced my sis to spend oh-$400 or so of her hard-earned money to hold my hand during the flight as well as through the Conference, little did she know my true intentions smile.  I told her it would be good for her, as a way to be introduced into the blogging world, in case she has a sudden interest in a career change. But really, she is going for my own selfish reasons, hehe. (That’ll teach you for not helping me pick lavender in the scorching heat!)

My husband wants me to go for the business. He is the one who registered me and convinced me, to be able to learn more about the blogging world from the female point of view and to write about it. I am so intimidated by all the women who attend. I know it is my own insecurity, I have many if you have not noticed by now. I am trying to break out of this hard-as-a-rock shell I have built for myself and it is a slow process. I suppose I am going for myself, as a step towards cracking that shell. I DO want to meet people, women, who have so much knowledge and insight to share- I want to be able to fit into the niche of women writers who flourish in this environment of self expression. Now I just have to convince myself of that, then I will be ready to go.

I will only be attending one day of the conference as the 1st day was sold-out by the time I was convinced to go. It will be a nice trip though I think. I hope to come away from it with new friends and some idea of what “blogging” really encapsulates. I hope to see some familiar faces also, for that moral support I will definitely be needing, ( Ponzi and Julie, please help:) ). I would also like my sister to take something from this, maybe to help her see a vision of something new she may do in life as an alternative to the daily grind she faces at her job now.

Eight days to go and counting…( stomach turning). Look for me and say hello, I will be the one standing in the corner trying to look like I know what I’m talking about, with “Virgin Blogger” written across my forehead.



Hi Julie,
I just learned blog etiquette fresh from Blogher- I did not know it was customary to respond to comments…I appreciate you reading what I have to offer, and I wish you had been there.
Hope to get together with you soon!

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