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Tuesday July 31, 2007 4:08 am

10 Reasons Why I Don’t Embrace Technology

Posted by Monica Edwards Categories: Business, Personal

techI have a need to plead my case because a soon to be released video review of my thoughts of the paints a picture of me as someone who “hates” technology. This is not a true depiction of my feelings as I believe that “hate” is a strong word, and I try not to use it loosely. There are not many things I hate, but there are things I can do without. I also wanted to make it clear that since my husband‘s world revolves around the tech world, I support him in all that he does, and if not for technology, he would not have a job and we would not be so greatly blessed. But, it does not mean that I have to embrace all that comes with his choice of career. So, here are 10 reasons why I don’t embrace technology wholeheartedly.

1. Technology is not cheap. Being raised in a home where finances were always an issue, I tend to be more on the conservative end when it comes to spending money. All of those latest and greatest gadgets cost a pretty penny. Pennies, I don’t like to spend. My husband call it cheap, I call it thrifty. Although I do have to agree with him when he says that it is hard for me to spend $2.00 on a sponge. I know, that’s pitiful, but sadly, true.

2. Technology is a revolving door of change. Although I may not like change all the time, I do know that it is required in order to grow, in order to move forward. BUT…in the tech world one can spend $1000 on a computer and in a few months it will be obsolete because something better and more flashy takes its place. I don’t know how many things we have in our home that has become obsolete, but it is ridiculous to me that it is never-ending. There is always something new or better. So where does that “old” thing go? It is for sale on Craigslist for half the price you bought it at 3 months before. Chaps my hide.

3. Where do all those obsolete hardware items go? If not recyclable, in landfills, forever, because what we do need are more non-biodegradable items in our landfills.

4. chips now required to be embedded in our passports? Does this scare anyone else? It should.

5. Don’t get me started on RFID chips embedded in the skin. WHY anyone would subject themselves to this is beyond me.

6. Allowing pedophiles easy access to our kids, via the internet. If we are not vigilant in what are kids are exposed to, we may as well invite said pedophiles into our homes. They have never had it easier.

7. The phrase “quality time” is a fleeting notion to most kids who are now inundated with video games, iPods, cell phones, handheld dvd players, and the likes. Whatever happened to playing board games with your kids, getting outside to play badminton, or just having a nice Sunday outing as a family? That is what I did as a kid, because we didn’t have all those other “toys” we had to actually interact as a family. It is like pulling teeth to get my 12 year-old to spend any time with us if it is not playing video games. And yes, that is our fault, but what do you do when Dad is a tech junkie?

8. Too many “machines” taking the jobs of the hardworking people who need those jobs. Will people become obsolete also?

9. Nothing is private anymore. You become an open book as soon as you sign up for any kind of membership online. Sure, most sites have privacy agreements so why is my mailbox suddenly filled with spam for loans of all kinds when the site I went to get a credit report from, had such a privacy agreement and stated that they do not sell or share info? Coincidence that I am getting this type of spam only after I filled out an application for a credit check? I think not.

10. A breakdown in communication. A big one. Okay all of you spouses of tech gurus who spend 8-10 hours or more a day working at a computer, sending, replying to emails, doing most of their business and communication via their computers know what I am about to say and can relate to it. Spending a better part of your day 5-7 days a week, communicating with people through email lends itself to forgetting how to communicate with real live humans when they are in front of you. And it says nothing about how it breaks down the ability to be able to socialize or remember how to be social in the company of humans. There are days that I have to remind my husband that he has not spoken to me at all unless it was to answer a question that I asked. It is sad to me that more people tend to email instead of taking the time to call or visit. I am guilty of it myself, because it is just easy. It allows us to be lazy. And breeds the fair-weather type of friends that I don’t want to be or would want. Talking face to face is now becoming a thing of the past. If all we are to one another is an email address, how do we build relationships?

Now I have to close with saying that yes, I do see the positives in technology but these are my opinions and I believe that they are sound reasons for why I don’t embrace it. I am sure that there are going to be some reading this post who disagree with all that I have stated and I hope that I have not offended anyone by seeming to “pigeon hole” all the tech-minded people out there. This was not my intention as I know my share of such people and all I have met and encountered have been the most caring, compassionate, smart as heck friends and acquaintances I have had the pleasure to know. These are my thoughts alone, acting as a disclaimer to the title I was given as a hater of technology.



Well you don’t necessarily have to update your computer every few months. I got mine in November 2004 and it’s still working great.

Hi Monica,

Those humans that did not embraced the fire technology thousands of years ago arguing that it was damn hot and burning did not enjoy cooked meat and could not digest protein as well as those who managed to live with such a dangerous “item” as fire…not to talk about the cold winters. So humans who embraced fire were more numerous and more successfull, suffer less in winter, were better fed and could scare dangerous animals away at night. Also were stronger because they could digest meat better and were more social because fire invites to gather around.

To the contrary those who became obessed with fire got burnt often, did not hunt enough or did not look after their house(cave)keeping duties.

So technology is helpful but should be used wisely, among other things because an Iphone or a Smartphone is a spy in your pocket surveilling al you do and where you are.

In the meantime if you are cold thinking of prehistoric times when fire was not “domesticated” look for a blanket here:

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